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Crimson / Radeon settings: Desktop Management / Presets?

Question asked by nightwatch on Nov 27, 2015
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I recently got the 'Crimson' package with drivers and software that replaced 'Catalyst'.


In 'Catalyst', I had three preset for how I view my three monitors;


  • Centre Only - this preset keeps the two side monitors unused (they switch to standby) : use is occassional when doing simple tasks like single browser windows serving online
  • Centre Extended - this preset has all three monitors in use with the desktop extended out left and right to the side monitors : use is default and general for the larger desktop
  • Eyefinity - this preset has the monitors in eyefinity mode : use is for gaming in wide screen


When I got 'Crimson', I uninstalled 'Catalyst', restarted PC and carried on using the presets directly from 'Radeon Additional Settings'.


I use Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and today updated to the latest version as prompted in 'Notifications'.


After the update, 'Radeon Settings' had been removed from both the Windows toolbar ('Show hidden icons') and from desktop left click menu. I managed to start 'Radeon Settings' from windows start menu > 'All apps'. Curiously, the app is called 'CNext'! I then went to 'Radeon Settings' > 'Display' and was able to start 'Radeon Additional Settings' via the link therin. However, non of the presets worked! That is; clicking on a preset made no change to the use of monitors / desktop.


Thinking that, maybe, the Windows 10 update had messed up the 'Radeon Settings' I uninstalled 'AMD Install Manager', restarted PC and got the standard graphic settings of Windows 10 uninfluenced by the (now removed) 'Radeon Settings'. I reinstalled 'radeon-crimson-15.1-win10-64bit' (system is 64 bit) and restarted PC again. 'Radeon Settings' again became available via right click or toolbar. On going back into 'Radeon Additional Settings', as may be expected, all my presets are gone. Furthermore, trying to set up new presets has three problems in that there are no 'Desktop Management' options other than 'Desktop Color' and I cannot find any other setting in 'Radeon Settings' or 'Radeon Additional Settings' that allow setting up the presets as they where (see list above). In addition, though any preset created is remaining in name in the presets menu, it is still impossible to switch between presets and I am thus stuck in Eyefinity mode as I need that for gaming.


Have AMD forgotten that some users are in need of custom presets? Why have AMD kept a presets tab in 'Radeon Additional Settings' when it seems utterly useless? Will Johnny get that new job? Tune in next week to find out ...


Erm! Got a bit carried away there. Seriously though; any help or advice that will lead to me being able to set up and effectively use my presets again would be much appreciated. Maybe I'm just missing a link or tab or something in 'Radeon Settings' or 'Radeon Additional Settings' - I do not know.


Info (notes):


  • AMD Radeon;
    • Software Version: 15.11
    • Software Eddition: Crimson
    • Graphics Chipset: AMD R9 200 Series (#2 linked #1 Primary)
    • Memory Size: 2048MB (*2 cards)
    • Memory Type: GDDR5
    • Core Clock: 1070 MHz
  • Other from AMD 'Radeon Settings';
    • Windows Version: Windows 10 (latest version all up to date)
    • System memory 16GB (Corsair Vengeance)
    • CPU Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz


The two linked graphics cards are identical Sapphire Technology AMD Radeon R9 270x.