How were Crimson drivers approved for public release?

Discussion created by mesk on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by adrenalinemech

I mean really? These drivers are beyond broken. After installing crimson my r9 290 would remain at 93 Celsius while gaming and the fan would only come on in short bursts. Overdrive is broken as well as it locks your fan speed after resetting Overdrive settings and that can be fixed by turning it back to auto. The problem arises when myself and others do not have a switch to turn back to auto. The setting simply is not there. Add in the fact that performance gains are negligible and this driver breaks more than it fixes, they are a complete and utter mess.


This is absolutely unacceptable and it really makes it hard to justify another AMD purchase





PSA: Crimson will lock your fan speed when resetting OverDrive settings. Turn it back on auto to prevent overheating. : …