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AMD Driver Update crashes ESXi server

Question asked by dodgygeeza on Nov 27, 2015

Hey everybody, is anyone attempting to run an AMD GPU under ESXI (passing the GPU through to a VM), and if so, has anyone had issues getting the latest drivers to install? I've been running a VM with a GPU passed-through (used a R290X and now a R9 Nano) for some time now without issues, however when I try to upgrade from 15.10 to 15.11 it crashes the physical system (not just the VM). I didn't have a problem updating GPU drivers previously (and did so each time a beta driver was released).


For stability the ESXi host is configured to reset the PCI bridge rather than the card itself (this stops system crashes upon repeated power-cycles of the VM), and up until this driver issue it really has been rock-solid. The guest VM is Windows 10 (64-bit) and the hypervisor is ESXi 6. I would hazard a guess that either Windows 10 is attempting to do something naughty with the card (by means of a PCI reset), or the latest AMD drivers have changed the method by which they reset the card.


Appreciate that there are probably very few people running this type of configuration, but I'm hoping someone may have encountered it and may have a fix :-) As it stands I can't upgrade the driver as it takes down the system each and every time so badly that I don't even get the ESXI PSOD!