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Updated to Crimson lost audio through HDMI on WIndows 10

Question asked by extrion on Nov 27, 2015

Updated to the Crimson drivers yesterday and lost audio through my HDMI,  I have made sure to select it as the default, also disabled the On-board audio control from the motherboard.  I uninstalled the audio driver and installed the previous version that was working and this did not help, and then I removed the entire new driver set and reverted back to the previous which still did nothing to fix it.  I have a HD7950 card and have been running windows 10 since release and have had no issues until yesterday when I updated.  My system currently runs to a A/V receiver, so I tried to run it straight to my TV and also used a different HDMI cable to rule out the receiver and the cable, still nothing.  If rolling back to the previous driver had worked I would stick with that but since that does not work either, I am here to see if anyone has an idea on the issue.