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How can I customize the minimum of "MemoryClockTarget" in Crimson(15.11)?

Question asked by darkyo on Nov 27, 2015
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I used the card - MSI R9 280X GAMING 3G.

And may somebody has already known.

Some of 280Xs have glitch so they will flicker when the voltage change with memory clock.


I use this video below from one guy who have same issue with me as a example.

IMG 0333 - YouTube

Just like flickering on 00:01 in this video.


And some 280X users have already found a solution for this issue.

R9 280X 2D flickering problem solved! - YouTube


Just like what they doing and the comment below said:

We have to do it by modifying the profiles.xml file in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE.

And base on my own experience, if you change the minimum "MemoryClockTarget" to 1500MHz then apply the Overdrive, the 280X won't flicker ANYMORE!


Now it's my question, I have updated my driver from the catalyst to the new Crimson version,

and it seems like the "profiles.xml"  way doesn't work anymore.

So my 280X start to flicker again. = =


How can I customize the minimum of "MemoryClockTarget" in Crimson driver? or I have to change back to catalyst?