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Star Wars The Old Republic issue with new crimson driver Sapphire tri X r9 280x Lightsaber blade no longer shows, just effects

Question asked by boostedbob on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by kingfish

Hey guys, installed the new Crimson driver set. I made sure to uninstall the drivers completely as recommended by AMD and installed the new drivers. Everything went smooth then went to fire up star wars the old republic. Went to get into a fight and noticed my characters lightsaber was not showing up, just the tracer effect and a lighting effect if close to walls. So I went through and did a reinstall and still had the same issues.


To make sure that it wasn't my video card I installed the old set of drivers I was using before

Driver Packaging Version15.201.1151.1005-151012a-295347E-ATI


These are the beta drivers. Fired up the game again and the issue went away. I had then noticed I was having some other issues in game afterwords(turned out to be my heat sink on my cpu came loose after I had pulled my case apart) hoping that had been one of my issues I installed the new drivers again and still ran into the same issue. No other problems other then the graphic for the lightsaber not shwoing up.


I5 4690k Devils canyon

Sapphire Tri X r9 280x

msi gd65 mobo

12gig ram


All bios and drivers are all up to date. All other games on the Crimson drivers ran flawlessly.