No matter what i do i cant get neither CCC or Crimson to change any setting at all, thought it was a CCC bug but it's still there in Crimson.

Discussion created by divisionwiking on Nov 27, 2015
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Been having this problem for a while now but thought that it was some strange bug with CCC

so when Crimson was released i downloaded it and nope the same 'bug' is there.


No matter which setting i change or try to override nothing changes, i can't even lock my fps with Crimson/CCC, tried to lock my fps in Cities Skylines with Crimson and the FPS dosn't lock at all no matter what i try to lock it on. Skyline is just an example i have this problem in EVERY game and been having it for a couple months.


I noticed this a couple months ago when i noticed that all my anti aliasing stopped working and i tried to force it with CCC; if i change AA in game then it dosnt change but and no diffrence if i try to force it in CCC/Crimson. and yes iv'e reinstalled the drivers and cleaned with DDU/etc.


What could it be? Faulty GPU? and


Win7 64bit

Fx 6300 4.4 Ghz

Sapphire R9 280x Tri-X Vapor 3GB

Supernova G2 750w