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FirePro S10000 on Linux: Xorg-server version

Question asked by palao on Nov 27, 2015
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Dear all,

I have troubles to get a working environment for the FirePro S10000.

According to the AMD website the recommended drivers version is 14.502.1040. I have installed that drivers on our Gentoo workstation. The linux kernel version is 3.14.

The drivers load and the log file of Xorg reports no error. But I have some troubles:

* I get poor FPS with glxgears: ~250 FPS

* clinfo reports no GPU card, only a CPU device

* although aticonfig --list-adapters works well, I cannot get the temperature or clock info of the gpus.


The module seems to be compatible with the kernel. Therefore I thought that the problem is on the Xorg-server side. I tried to find out info about what Xorg-server or, in general other software, this card+drivers combination supports, but I'm unable to find that info.

If someone could tell me what Xorg-server versions are recommended to be used by the Catalyst Pro version 14.502.1040, I would be grateful.