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    Black Screen on Boot (Windows 10)


      Hello everyone,


      First of all, My apologies for my English.


      I am writing to you because I have a serious issue since I've installed Crimson and latest drivers.

      Basically, when I "move" to Crimson ( and it's latest drivers), all my restarts results in a black screen on boot.

      I tried everything, nothing works. My only solution is the system restore with previous drivers.


      For information, here is my configuration.


      Intel 4670K

      Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X R9 290

      8GB RAM

      Motherboard MSI Z87-G45
      Windows 10


      I am connected to my TV via HDMI.


      I hope there is a solution, Thank you in advance.


      ( Sorry for my bad english, again )