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HDMI sound with Displayport video?

Question asked by silentwarrior on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by take2daily

Okay. I thought I'd go and retire my DVI wiring in favour of DisplayPort (my monitor doesn't do HDMI), and now I'm trying to get sound routed through HDMI to a receiver. This worked once, but now I no longer see the HDMI-port listed among the available sound outputs for... whatever reason. Help? I can see the built-in motherboard *bleargh*, my sound card, and the DP-connection. Going into the properties for the DP-sound option suggests that it's using the HDMI connection, but that doesn't appear to be reflected by observed reality.



Windows 10 64-bit (updated - as if it gives me the choice)

PowerColor HD6850 1 Gb


15.7.1 (seemed to work with both DP and HDMI connected, though I only tried it once and there were... shenanigans*)

Crimson (current; no HDMI with DP connected)


Well, that last line may not be accurate - I could get video on my TV that is connected to the receiver, but I WANTS SOUND! LOTS o' channels and Hzes! I could revert to DVI display connection, no objection there; but if this can be solved using both modern connectors, that would be great.



* No, I can not describe it better than that. This damned can is outwitting me!