the new drivers are MAGIC (my observations)

Discussion created by navjack27 on Nov 26, 2015
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i've been tweaking computers since i was a little kid, i've been in this kinda thing for a while. always using 3rd party utilities to squeeze more performance out of drivers by changing settings that are invisible to the end user for the most part.


well i just ran some tests with CSGO.... i used the FPS Benchmark map that is on the workshop. now before crimson launched i used Radeonpro and the AMD registry tweaker to change stuff behind the scenes. now that crimson launched i have no reason to have those running at all. i observed something that i could only call magical during my testing. i always run my benchmarks multiple times at the same settings before changing anything... and well, with csgo everything on low at 1440x1080 i got 394 avg fps.... everything on high with no anti aliasing i got 400fps avg CONSISTENTLY each run i did. with 8x AA i got 350fps avg.... but with radeonpro running and setting my own custom overrides for texture quality and stuff.... i mean like low 300s everything on low... i didn't even run any higher quality cuz i was confused.


i'd REALLY love to know what crimson is doing behind the scenes to do this. is it the flip queue (in radeonpro i set it to 0 and 1 frames). without radeonpro running i saw some very smooth fps numbers in the duration of the FPS Benchmark map test. if the FPS dropped, it "made sense" it never spiked down.


here are my specs


4790s @ 4ghz with no power saving and locked ratio so its always 4ghz

msi 390x 1100/1650 and this is also powertune disabled so its always at 3d clocks

16g of ddr3-2400

and csgo and windows is on an 120gb ssd