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Crimson Driver: On sleep the windows and programs loose position. Win 7 64bit

Question asked by tannah on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by tannah

I've noted a few problems with the Crimson Graphics Driver, but I have yet to hear anyone mention this one, its quite annoying.


On sleep the windows loose position, and cram everything on to monitor 1.


2 monitor setup, Monitors are plugged into XFX HD7970 via HDMI cables.

On monitor sleep, Any open windows or programs are moved from monitor 2 to monitor 1. As if monitor 2 was unplugged from XFX HD7970 video card.

Problem did NOT exist with AMD catalyst 15.7.1 drivers.

Resuming work after the monitors have gone to sleep is very tedious and frustrating. As all the programs and windows are jumbled up on Monitor 1.


Attempted fixes:

In place reinstalling Crimson Graphics Driver.

Uninstalling Crimson Graphics Driver, safe mode cleaning driver, reinstalling Crimson Graphics Driver.

Re-seating HDMI Cables, swapping HDMI cables



Windows 7 64bit Professional SP1

Asus Sabertooth 990FX Rev 1.xx (latest BIOS)

AMD FX-8350 (Stock Clocked)

32 GB DDR3 1600

Corsair Professional 750W PSU

XFX HD-7970 Black Edition

Samsung 24in TN monitor connected via HDMI

Asus 24in IPS Monitor connected via HDMI


Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? Short of rolling back the driver?


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