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Major frame rate issues with 15.3 and AMD Crimson in Fallout 4.

Question asked by jberry0410 on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by wstr

So been playing fallout 4 on Ultra with God rays at high and shadow distance at medium. 1080P resolution and been maintaining 50-60fps steady with 15.11 drivers. However today I downloaded the newest Crimson drivers that were listed at 15.30 and now I am having major FPS deviation in all locations, but most notable is indoor locations.


It is not uncommon to go anywhere from 20-60fps and everywhere in between. This was not an issue with 15.11 and having reverted back to them I seem to be doing fine, is anyone else experiencing this issue with the new drivers and Fallout 4?



R9 380

16gb DDR3

Asrock z77 extreme 6

620W Bronze 80 rated PSU.