AMD release the Rx M3xx series GPU's on MXM platform right now!

Discussion created by smgjohn on Nov 26, 2015

Just do it!

Release the Rx M3xx on MXM cards, the M290X is literally scattered around and most of them are just 8970M versions, there are virtually NO M3xx on MXM making it very difficult to still linger on AMD for mobile market, we the laptop users have only one choice now, nVidia for price to performance. It makes no sense to buy 8970M when we can get 970M for same price ratio brand new either card.


The M295X had great potential and it exists as MXM we seen it from Zentrico however these #/¤(&(!## refuses to sell it to private customers unless people are willing to band together for a 3000 pound paycheck just to get ahold of 10 those cards it makes no sense!


The M390X and M395X are looking bloody great on Alienware, the performance are on par with the 970M and the M395X is getting VERY close to the 980M indeed could even surpass it with overclock.

Do we the other base with modular laptops get a hold of these beasts? No! Because they do not exist on MXM format and this is sad because AMD looses customers this way, potentially could be great profit in selling MXM cards like we do with desktop cards. AMD its time to release MXM to the public, its tiresome to dig around the bush just to find a card that actually works for our laptop.


We want it and you could use the profit, its a win win for all of us.