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    Can't get crimson to install properly


      I've been following many posts about how to get the new crimson drivers to install. I have used DDU, uninstalled bitdefender, which has allowed the installer to not freeze, but the drivers will not install. I noticed in the installer when choosing what software to install, HDMI Audio Driver and ACP Application are not in the installer like it shows on the AMD how-to-install. This is one reason I have shyed away from AMD, because time and time again trying to install drivers make me pull my hair out. I'm just trying to get this to work on my laptop so I can play fallout while on vacation. I've tried everything I have found online to get this to work, but nothing is working.



      HD 7970m


      DXDIAG is attached if interested

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          Dont even bother. IMO Crimson is in no condition to be released. After installing crimson, my r9 290 would stay @ 93celsius and the fan would only come on in short bursts. The overdrive profile is broken, if you play Fallout 4 or GTA V there are bugs in both games that came form crimson. Stay with 15.11.1