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Radeon settings control centrue cpu controls

Question asked by kittybot on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by amdmatt

I just installed this horrible unfriendly, to easy to miss click program and now my pc is stuck at 2.1GHz...


I have a fx8350 and I used the Catalyst control center to control my clock speeds as I have the horrible msi heat combo. This program did not warn me that I will be forever stuck at my current clock speed and I just cringe at the thought of being stuck at 4.0Ghz and hitting 80c whenever I want to play anything. However as I stated I am stuck at 2.1GHz which is just as bad as I can'y play anything modern. Can some link me to a software program or give me a guide to get the old program back? I cant believe how useless this new program is in terms of support for such a major component. I get its the "radeon settings" but then why remove the only program I had to safely control my CPU?


I am so annoyed right now and apologize for the tone of my post but really this is a complete screw up.