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Motherboard M2A-VM HDMI Need GPU help???

Question asked by jhbumby on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by jhbumby

I need a new GPU unit and need some insight.


What are some upper end to max options on this card? 

Will buying 2 help? 

I have Radeon AMD 5450 in PCI-E16 and it won't even play PVZ Garden Warfare for the kids.

OC the GPU doesn't help - it tends to crash my compu if I go up any more than 5+%.

I am looking to play mid range games - nothing crazy - on this computer.  I am building out a new one soon, but want to use this until I do for what I would consider basic gaming.

This being said suggestions saying to replace the computer, it is a dinosaur doesn't help.  I already understand that it is not ideal, but it is what I got and why I am asking ...



Motherboard M2A-VM HDMI

Processor is an AMD Athlon 64x Dual 4400+ 2.3Ghz

SDRAM 4GB DDR2 6400 2GB x2 = 4GB total

Radeon AMD 5450 in PCI-E16

Windows 7 64 bit

250GB HD 7200 RPM

500 Watt PS

SATA connections if it matters


Thank you in advance - John