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    FX 7500 Problem Frequency


      Good Afternoon guys,


      I recently bought 1 Acer Aspire E5 with an FX7500 , 8GB DDR3 , AMD R7 M265 and like you know FX7500 is an APU which have one iGPU, but my problem here is, when I open any game, the CPU frequency instead of going up to 2.8 , 3.0 or 3.3 it goes down to 1.1GHz and with that it brings low FPS to the games, like LoL, WoW etc, APU is throttling since it is brand-new (1week), and the temps are in game at 50ºC, anyone else have this problem and if yes, can you help me to solve it?






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          It sounds like you may be experiencing the same issues that other Carrizo customers have experienced with the laptop manufacturer crippling the APU's performance by limiting the power consumption to provide increased battery life. Check your BIOS and O/S to make sure that all settings are set for maximum performance over battery life. Your best hope is to contact Acer support and see if there are any settings that will allow you to run the APU as designed by AMD. The link below is from other AMD customers who have experienced the APU crippling in HP and Toshiba brand laptops.


          AMD Carrizo FX-8800P heavy throttling