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    Loving the new Radeon Software!


      I have been using AMD products for a long time and with the new software update it seems like Team Red has really got their act together now. The new layout is sleek and is nothing like the legacy software that people have been using for years now. I'm very impressed and hope to keep seeing more of this coming from AMD in the future, good job AMD.

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          Major props to the AMD Crimson Software team! The whole installation process and responsiveness of the controls is a vast improvement (among other things). Before and after benches:


          Firestrike: 6789 (before) | 7476 (after)

          Heaven: 1284 (before | 1302 (after)


          Thank you for the early X-Mas present!

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            I thought this thread deserved a bump. Did a complete upgrade of my FX 6100/R9 270X rig last night to Windows 10/Crimson. The installation completed flawlessly.


            But as I was disabling Windows Defender via Group Policy I found myself wondering if most folks know how to do that. Microsoft really should have left control for it available in the app itself. Anyways... the entire system is without question more responsive than with Win 8.1/Catalyst. No going back for me!

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              I like what I have read about the AMD Crimson Software.But since my 7970 has died on me .I have no way of actually using it till I get a replacement card. #whenitrainsitpours