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What is the status of Enduro graphics switching on new Intel CPU + AMD GPU laptops?

Question asked by gc9 on Nov 26, 2015

[update: Never mind, the author has now struck-out the erroneous sentence, and replaced it with

"AMD may support Enduro on non AMD processors after all, despite their site showing that it's unsupported. "

I don't know where he thinks it said Enduro is only supported on AMD processors, but if there was an error on AMD's site, I hope it was corrected.]


Anandtech's current notebook reviewer,  Brett Howse,  made a statement in yesterday's "Best Gaming Laptops: Holiday 2015" that surprised me.  The paragraph on the first model (Y700 14-inch, i5-6300HQ, R9 M375) warns:

"... A word of warning though is that AMD only supports their Enduro GPU switching with AMD processors, so it won’t be available on this notebook. ..."


Has something changed?  (Maybe for Windows 10, or for Skylake CPUs?)  Does this reviewer have inside information?  Or is this poorly worded?


The AMD Enduro literature still mentions of FirePro graphics cards, which as far as I know are only available in laptops with Intel CPUs, so it appears historically AMD has supported Enduro on notebooks with Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs.   (A different notebook reviewer at Anandtech, Jarred Walton, wrote several articles about Enduro progress in 2012.)