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    cl_amd_device_attribute_query - can you revision?


      As a lot of my experience stems from OpenGL back when it was a decent API, I'm all for extensions. I cannot wait to have GCN shuffle somehow exposed.

      A problem which I have experienced some time ago was to uniquely identify vid cards. It was difficult. I did see something regarding topology but that was not sufficient to me, plus it wasn't exposed in the windows driver at the time.

      Today, I somehow found cl_amd_device_attribute_query... and I find it borderline silly.


      Important things first.

      Return the topology for the device:
        CL_DEVICE_TOPOLOGY_AMD                          0x4037

      Wow cool. No idea what this is. Sure, I can hook up to AMD APP and speculate it will return the same thing as cl_amd_device_topology but seriously at least drop a line noting this in rev 4. Even better, just deprecate cl_amd_device_topology completely and have a proper spec.


      Similar for CL_DEVICE_BOARD_NAME_AMD, which one speculates to be as cl_amd_device_board_name in behavior. I'm really positive to experiment things with extensions but I don't recall reading anything so rushed up in the years I've used GL. Is ATi still a thing BTW?


      I have to take note there's no temperature probing. It would have been nice.


      Please allocate a couple of hours to do a rev 4.