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    Silent But Deadly (adequate)

      • Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Case
      • MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard
      • 16GB GSkill DDR3
      • 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
      • WD Blue 1TB HDD
      • Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 380 4GB
      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz
      • EVGA Supernova 850  Gold PSU
      • Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm Case Fan for front panel
      • Be Quiet!  Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler
      • Generic DVD burner - scavenged from an old pc


      My first ever build.  Wish I'd known what I was doing, because I could have gone with a cheaper, locked mobo, since the cpu is locked, and a smaller psu, giving me more to spend on the Graphics Card.

      All that said, the motherboard has some nice features, great support and software to go with it.

      I got a sale price, and a rebate on the PSU, so it ended up costing the same as a 650 Gold I was looking at.

      Runs very well, and super quiet, even with all fans and cooler on high.

      Dark Rock TF took my cpu temps down between 10-20 degrees while gaming once the thermal paste had cured completely.

      Plays basically every game I've tried at 1080p (which is as high as my monitor will go).

      Mainly into racing games.  I also like to play GTA, but I pretty much only steal cars and run from police, as I can't stand all the shooting people stuff.

      Plan on adding some LEDs at some point, but I've kind of gotten side tracked rehabbing an old pc so my mom and dad can browse the web on their big screen tv.





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          this is a nice build....what is that heat sink you have on that cpu?

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            that looks like one beefy cooler.....wow the heat pipes coming out of that ....holy crap!....well for your first build that is exhalent ...I like that clean look a lot....my pc is a beast of a machine ...but not so clean looking anymore...with the wires its ok but the hoses for the water cooling I'm using got crazy on me....lol...its a future fix.....

            I will probably never go back to air cooling....I want to work on getting the parts together to get a better water cooling solution going ...for sure,...

            just ordered me a 1200w Rosewill photon psu.....I hope there a good psu...lol.. Magnum Opus is starving for more power I think.....crazy overclocks and 2 390's in xfire with a 850w psu is cutting it to dang close to burning out my 850w.....

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                It's a pretty powerful cooler for sure, especially with the two fans optimized and turning. 

                Glad you think it's clean, lol!  I tried my best, then I look at some expert builds and I'm like "how did they manage the cables that neatly?"

                I hope the photon works out well for you, no idea how they are, let us know!  I know 850 is more than enough for me, but it looks like you'd be using every bit of it for your beastly machine.