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    Crimson Mess




      Another Fury X problem, huge FPS drops in all games using these Crimson drivers, mouse cursor bugging out even more on desktop opening windows. Using Afterburner I see that the core speed is always around 600mhz while benchmarking? Even increased 50% power settings don't make any difference either.


      Whats the point in Crimson if half of the settings are shown using the old GUI?



      Alien Isolation - Lag (only using 600mhz)

      Skyrim - Lag (only using 600mhz)

      Elder Scrolls Online - Lag (only using 600mhz), Mouse cursor bug.

      Settlers 3 - Mouse cursor bug

      Borderlands 2 - Lag (only using 600mhz)

      Farcry3 - Lag (only using 600mhz),

      Sonar - Mouse cursor bugs.

      many more.


      Basically paid 650GBP for a GPU, that's worse than a standard 7950. Shameful AMD. Did you even test out these drivers?

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          Sounds like software corruption and/ or conflicts with another program.

          Check out if afterburner does not play well with the radeon settings softyware. Temporarily uninstall afterburner, reboot, then clean install the Crimson software/ drivers and test with some games again.

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            I feel your pain. I'm having issues galore. One thing I did that seemed to help with game performance is turn off all global graphic enhancements or set to Use Application Settings such as Shader Cache, Surface Format Optimisation etc. Turn off everything on the Gaming, Global Graphics tab in Crimson and  then restart PC. It might help as it seemed to help me. However I'm still left with screen flicker, unable to use 4th monitor and many more lingering issues but at least I can game again. I hope this helps but from what I have been reading you may have worse/ different issues than me as I am running 2 R9 290X cards in Crossfire. Good Luck!

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              Afterburner wasn't installed on the unit prior to drivers installed. AMD further reduced power to the Fury X GPU, knowing that multiple users have stated that the GPU needs more voltage to reduce screen corruption, they reduce the power again. Well done AMD.


              Its been 4 months of constant bugs and application corruption. Customer service is disgusting here.


              One of the main aspects of a PC, THE MOUSE CURSOR, and AMD cant even get that right let alone any decent drivers for applications. I'm sorry AMD but you don't deserve any gratitude right now this is a poor attempt.