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Crimson Mess

Question asked by john007 on Nov 25, 2015
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Another Fury X problem, huge FPS drops in all games using these Crimson drivers, mouse cursor bugging out even more on desktop opening windows. Using Afterburner I see that the core speed is always around 600mhz while benchmarking? Even increased 50% power settings don't make any difference either.


Whats the point in Crimson if half of the settings are shown using the old GUI?



Alien Isolation - Lag (only using 600mhz)

Skyrim - Lag (only using 600mhz)

Elder Scrolls Online - Lag (only using 600mhz), Mouse cursor bug.

Settlers 3 - Mouse cursor bug

Borderlands 2 - Lag (only using 600mhz)

Farcry3 - Lag (only using 600mhz),

Sonar - Mouse cursor bugs.

many more.


Basically paid 650GBP for a GPU, that's worse than a standard 7950. Shameful AMD. Did you even test out these drivers?