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    Battlefront DirectX Error since Crimson Driver



      Before I installed the new crimson driver for my r9 290x, the game run well.

      After I´ve heard of the new crimson driver, I used Display Driver Uninstaller, to uninstall my actual CCC and after my computer restarted, I installed the new crimson. Everything Ok. Now I started Battlefront and after the intro there are some display errors - sometimes "cut" textures, sometimes in black areas pink crisp dots and everytime after a few seconds, I can´t navigate through game menue, because I hear when the mouse target a menue point but the graphics are "frozen". So strg+alt+del to get to task manager and windows shows me an dirctx-error message box. Restarting doesn´t help.

      Any ideas?

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          Same thing, also black missing textures on the Ice cave map...

          I didn't get the DirectX error until tonight, but have been dealing with the missing textures thing since beta 15.11.1. These issues didn't exist in 15.7.1

          Either AMD or DICE will fix it. Don't let the fact that they won't acknowledge it on here fool you. They're both well aware of it. lots of folks have been complaining about the ice caves issue on the battlefront forums, reddit, and here. Folks have also put in tickets, error reports etc.

          The directx error forced me to reboot. Radeon settings crashed when I tried to open it afterwards. After the reboot it worked. I was playing for about an hour before it happened.


          I7 4790K

          asus maximus gene VII

          asus r9 290x dc2 oc

          g.skill 16gb ddr3 1886 8-9-9-24

          windows 8.1 64bit

          radeon crimson drivers