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Crimson and CCC, anyone else?

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Nov 25, 2015
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Many formats for many reasons in the past 24hrs. This is the 3rd time but for some reason when I right click the desktop to change AMD settings, Radeon Software is back to AMD Catalyst Control Centre, open it and its like the old days... just with the FirePro in the logo, I use Radeon cards...


Its confusing me as I didn't install it, Radeon Software was the only AMD software installed a few reboots ago. And I'm sure its conflicting.

Its also a pain as the only way for me to uninstall everything then reinstall the driver (due to crashing after 2%) is to remove my 7990, install using a 7950, then pug it all back in again and re enter my settings. Hurumph.


Is anyone else getting similar behaviour?