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Crimson: "Memory access out of bounds" after enabling VSR, Win10 dead

Question asked by spmmfycn on Nov 25, 2015

Hi there,


after installing the Crimson driver package (with AMD Settings etc.) I enabled VSR - everything worked fine. Couple of seconds after activating I disabled it again - and this is where everything crashed.


Got a "Memory access out of bounds" error which said that there was a read operation going on somewhere where it shouldn't. Screen was flickering white and repeatedly opened up the error. After rebooting Windows says there is a critical condition and so on, System wont boot - not even in Safe Mode.


Is there a way to open up da ticket or something? Because there is obviously sth wrong with their implementation. Did anybody else experience this before?


Windows 10 64bit

AMD Crimson Edition 15.11

Radeon R9 290


Cheers and thanks