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Crimson Installation Problem

Question asked by toxzl2 on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by toxzl2

I am having several issues with this driver.


The first time i installed them, i received a black screen during installation so i had to restart my computer, but when i restarted, they were already installed, so i tried 3dmark2013 and in the second benchmark i received a blue screen "thread stuck in device manager", i never had this problem before. I ran it a few times but it happened again. Also, everytime i restarted my computer nothing happened and i had to manually restart it... so i decided to turn CSM ON and the restart issue worked again... WEIRD.


After having all this issues, i decided to do a clean install, but another problem appear, the installation was unsucessful and when i right click desktop to see if it was installed, it seems somehow i have a FirePro video card and when i click it, it shows me an error "no video driver is installed or something is wrong with your video card" .. I did 10 clean installs with DDU and AMD Cleanup Utility and none worked, same issue. I downloaded the right software.


I rolled back to 15.11.1 and everything is working good.


I have 2 x Asus 290X Matrix Platinum.


Thank you!