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AMD Sapphire 7950HD Wont accept the new crimson drivers

Question asked by probios on Nov 25, 2015

I had catalyst working perfectly fine on Fallout 4 (ultra quality), and when the catalyst software did an auto update to crimson, everything went wrong.


I've tried uninstalling all display drivers with the Display Driver Uninstaller, and running the CCleaner and Associated RegFix that comes with it to remove any left over registry entries that the DDU did not uninstall.

After this, ive tried several versions of the catalyst software, and the latest crimson software, but im still running into the same problem.


I can download and start the installation, but when the screen flickers black like it should, it turns off, turns back on, but doesn't display a picture.

I know the screen is on and working as the card runs in low resolution before i try the drivers.


Has anybody had this issue before?