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    screen black after installing drivers / artifacts


      Hey guys, I got a problem with my graphics card (HD 7870 on Win10).

      I was working in UE4, launching my game, opening the log (which is grey) and right when my game should've started the whole screen went grey. - I don't think it's relevant but Avast kept on reporting my exe as a virus so I turned it off.

      I shut down my PC and after the windows symbol appeared the screen just stayed black, but the windows sound could be heared.

      I then booted into safe-mode and noticed these artifacts on my screen (looks like my gpu is faulty). I used DDU to uninstall my driver and tried reinstalling the 15.9 beta, I was on the new crimson drivers.

      But when installing the drivers the screen goes black and stays black.

      I also opened up my pc and cleaned up some dust, but it didn't help.

      Is there something I can do or try, maybe taking out the card (is there something I could look out for?) or do I just have to live with the fact that it just (to some extent) died on me?