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Crimson crashing all games

Question asked by imatharu29 on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by kingfish

I feel like kicking myself in the face.  I shouldn't have updated to the new Crimson right before a long weekend.

With all the positive hype behind Crimson, i was like ... " AMD wouldn't risk such a change without making sure

everthing is working".  Well that bit me in the (badword).  I want to emphasize everything was working perfectly with CCC.

Now I cant launch any game without getting a driver crashed message.  Yes, I have tried to disable crossfire with no luck.


Windows 10 - 64bit. 


specs: Eyefinity setup


Asrock Extreme 6+

dual sapphire 7870s

16gb ddr4


a couple of another annoying things

1.  any notification is on the right most monitor in windows, super annoying.  Is there a way to get the notification

on the bottom right of the middle monitor

2.  windows taskbar stays across all 3 monitors till I launch crimson.  Then it will fix itself and only be on the middle one.