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    AMD Wish List Contest - Week 1!


      The temperatures are dropping, red coffee cups can be spotted everywhere you turn and jewelry ads constantly blaring on the TV. It can only mean one thing, the holiday season is here! Here are AMD we want to make your technology wish list come true, introducing the AMD Wish List contest! We want to see what you are asking Santa to bring you this year. One lucky winner per week will win an AMD product from their wish list!


      How to enter:

      1. Register for the Red Team forum
      2. Share your PC System Specs in the Red Rig Showcase sub-forum. Only one entry is needed. (If you already submitted your rig, you are good to go!)
      3. Have at least three (3) followers in the Red Team Forum.
      4. Create your #AMDWishListEntry image or video listing all the items you want this holiday season

               - Too busy scouring for deals to create an image? We've got you covered, you can use our Wish List Template!

           5. Reply to this thread with your #AMDWishListEntry image or video

           6. That's it! Want to increase your chances of winning? Submit your wish list on Twitter using #AMDWishListEntry!


      Selection process

      A random drawing will take place among eligible participants. The winner will be chosen on November 27, 2015  at 3:31pm CST and announced here on the thread soon after!


      Be sure to read theAMD RED TEAM WISH LIST CONTEST OFFICIAL RULES before you enter! Happy Holidays and Good Luck!




      NOTE 11/28 @ 3:30PM CT: I'm going to lock this thread so that there is no confusion on which week to enter your Wish List! Head on over to Week 2 and submit your Wish List there!