Crimson drivers will not install (any more)

Discussion created by luckypunk on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by sobellge

Hey, I have a problem with Crimson that I haven't seen anyone else have so far - wondering if i can get any advice.


I went to install the new crimson drivers/software yesterday. First time they installed fine (clean install), then I (perhaps stupidly) wanted to compare to the previous 15.11.1 beta drivers, so I uninstalled (using AMD Cleanup utility) and reverted to 15.11.1, still fine. Then I wanted to go back to the crimson drivers to leave them on and give them a longer test. This time I used the AMD minimal setup, thinking this perhaps just installed the crimson driver and not the whole software package. When I realised it was just going to download the same things (and I have a slow internet connection), I cancelled that install, intending to just use the full package installer I already had.


It seems it didn't like being cancelled though, cos now I can't install the Crimson driver. It will install the rest of the new package, the GUI etc, but fails on installing the driver. You just get a window at the end of the install saying 'the drivers were not installed, check log'. When I check the log it isn't much help, just says 'AMD driver failed to install'.


I can, however, still install the old 15.11.1 catalyst driver.


I've tried many times to reinstall Crimson, using either DDU, or AMD cleanup utility to do a clean install but it just won't. I can't do a system restore (didn't realise you need to enable it on Win 10...). I'm now a bit worried that unless I fix this, it will never install newer crimson drivers.


My system:

Asus r9 290

i5 2500k

Gigabyte p67a-ud3-b3 MB

Samsung SSD/WD Black HDD


Any advice greatly appreciated!