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Radeon Crimson 15.3 Fullscreen Flickering?

Question asked by on Nov 25, 2015

Like the title suggests. I am getting a constant flashing/flickering in a couple of games.. It's fine in bordless window or windowed mode in those games. This does not occur in Tomb Raider or Shadows of Mordor or Mad Max.. Only other games I've tried so far. (though they are all D3D11...and I suspect that's where the issue is)


The games it's occurring in use D3D9 and not 11.. The flickering/flashing that occurs seems to be trying to display multiple frames? The game still functions while constantly flashing.. If I go into the in-game video settings and change something. It will flash a frame of what the setting was at before and then flash a frame of what I currently have the the setting set to, back and forth. (before hitting apply).. So it's some kind of framettime rendering problem in D3D9 while running crossfire.


Disabling crossfire and running the D3D9 game in fullscreen produces no flickering.


Where do I report this bug? I want crossfire back in my D3D9 games?




Windows 8.1

i7 5930k

2x r9 270x in crossfire

asrock extreme 4 mobo

corsair 16gb ddr4

corsair 750w