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AMD A10 7870k with Assassins creed Syndicate

Question asked by heydon2015 on Nov 25, 2015

Hi all , I'm trying to play Assassins creed syndicate using an AMD A10  APU , which has R7 graphics processor , Unity plays fine on this system , and to a point syndicate works the characters move fluidly , but about 15 minutes into playing the screen turns red and it crashes , just wondering if there are any tweaks anyone can suggest , because according to Ubisoft I don't meet the requirements of the game , then they are therefore offering no further support  my system is AMD A10 7870K !16gb DDR3 RAM , WINDOWS 10 10586 build , 2tb SSHD ,GIGABYTE Ga-F2A55m-ds2  Rev 3.0 creative Omni USB soundcard . Many thanks for any assistance