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windows 7x64 + HD 7800 series black or blank screen

Question asked by dardone on Nov 25, 2015


   I have a AMD computer I built myself. Its Windows 7 x64. I have a AMD video card HD 7800 Series. I use two monitors. When I use the HDMI port (on the video card) the computer has a black screen with  a movable mouse cursor after booting. I can attach the monitor to the HDMI port after I boot and it works but not if I attached before. If I disable the video driver it works. If I start in safe mode it works.

  I have a similar AMD build with a AMD 7700 card and does the same thing. I have tried reloading different drivers several times with no fix. Have you heard of such a problem.


   I forgot to mention that I have monitors in the DVI ports that have no problem.


Edit: both HDMI cables are connected to HDTV not monitors.If I disconnect the HDMI cable from the HDTV the video to the other monitors connected

via DVI or VGA will then perform normally.