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Which driver to integrate in XP_32 (f6-floppy method -> no floppy, so integrate on media) for SATA-AHCI Devices (SSD, HDD) for SB8xx Chipset

Question asked by mfg42 on Nov 25, 2015

Ok, Also Downloaded AMD Chipset Drivers 13.4 (for XP). Even Catalyst 14.4.

So on first view the driver (attachment-picture) A.), B.) or C.)  would make sense... But don't need Raid. And the chipset driver package just includes one ahci driver; the sb750 one. I know this generation does not support TRIM, (means this driver not, too). The other ones (B. and C.) are Raid drivers or might to support this (don't know) that.
So which one is the right? (Using Asus M4a89gtd pro mainboard).