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underclock saphire r7-370 4GB to reduce power consumption

Question asked by jsa83 on Nov 25, 2015



First of all, my build:



A10-7870K at 4.2 Ghz

8GB Ram at 2400 Ghz



Samsung SSD 250GB

1TB WD Red


Power supply:

Seasonic G-550


2x 120mm Noctua Fans (1 on chassis and one on a CoolerMaster Hyper 212)



Problem: I want to add a Saphire R7-370OC 4GB version to it and my PSU fails to handle it during pretty much any game (windows is fine)


First of all, I'm surprised, I thought 550W would have been enough.


Second, I am unable to replace the PSU for now (to 650 lets say). I did notice sliding "max power" setting down in the new crimson suit did help the issue (I must only be missing a few Watts). Does this automatically underclock the core & memory of the GPU? Can this damage the GPU in any way? Do I also need to underclock the core & memory directly bellow the "max power" bar.


What would u recommend except the obvious of replacing the PSU? FYI, loading the fail safe Bios Defaults (=undo overclock) does not help.


Thank you for your help.


Go Red!