my amd machine!

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this is one badddd pc set up!!

so this is:

case: corsair carbide air 540

MB: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z: overclocks are: FSB-250MHz, NB-2500MHz, HT-3000MHz

CPU: FX 8350 @ 5ghz multiplier is 20

Ram: Gskill ripjaws x 1866 8 gigs and PNY 1866 16 gig kit and they mixed wonderfully and overclocked to 2000 MHz with a timing of 9-10-9-28-38--cr1

GPU: XFX R9 390 x2 in crossfire

PSU: Rossewill Photon 1200w psu (don't let the reviews scare you! I have a power hungry machine here and it does just fine and has went above my expectations!)

SSD: Samsung 840 evo 250 gig

HHD: to many to list ...5 drives over 3.5 tb of space.. yes some are 250's biggest 1.5 tb .. I say use um if you got

cooler: well this is a story in its what I have cooling my cpu is a custom All in Two

and what I mean by that is ...I took a corsair h100i and a h100i gtx and spliced in the radiator from the gtx ...long story!

I use the h100i pump with the h100i rad. and the h100i-gtx rad in a sealed loop. I also lapped my cpu and water block!


this wuz a big nightmare getting it to fill and work while keeping it sealed ...I used what I had.   my temps are wicked cool

2 hours stress test in Aida64 Extreme...look at this ....I wuz like WOW!!

unreal temps.JPG

I added it but I don't know if you can click this to see a bigger version of it or blow it up to read the temps.

so, after 2 full hours my motherboard temp wuz 33c, CPU Socket wuz 52c, and all core temps in cpu where 45c ..

in this pic my overclocks are not the same as they are now...after getting everything back together I wuz able to achieve new overclocks as mentioned above.

and the rest of my set up I still get same temps though...and my idle ready for idle temps are 17c to ambient temps are 20c to 22c... for reals....

15 - 4.jpg

that's a 55" Vizio smart tv anf two 24" Viewsonics .....people give my flack about using a 55" and sitting so close ...

well it does not hurt my eyes. it looks absolutely beautiful, the screen real estate is absolutely awesome, and while playing games it can get immersive as it can get...

its awesome!!! and my old eyes can see things on the screen and I'm not leaning in to see the fine print on love it.....and a couple more pics to show this off

15 - 2.jpg


15 - 1.jpg



filling the loop for the first time....I've since then shortened the hoses to make things look better...

I used a syringe to bleed air from the system in order to keep this a closed loop that is the intake line for the pump and yes this fill hose has to stay connected and plugged ....I don't mind...



this wuz before the gtx pump wuz found to be leaking on the inside ...yes it I shorted the hoses for better looks and put the h100i pump/block in and yes I used a brass plug and got rid of the

I love my AMD! machine.....ive built with AMD parts since the k7 400mhz days .....I wont switch to Intel mainly because I'm a gamer and I don't need intels overly priced stuff

and lest face it I'm not trying to build a heater or a hot truth be told....I game.. and AMD does gaming very very well...I get awesome performance out of this fact I beat most my overclocking friends in benchmarks a lot AMD using cant wait for zen to come out.....ill go broke and not eating for a week just to build a zen

one more pic to show gpu and cpu performance using Aida64 Extreme gpu test...



  thanks for checking it out.....

its finished for now ...but soon I will start a mad max mod on my machine here....

I am already calling it Magnum Opus....


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edit 12-8-2015...


Added the Thermaltake Riing 12 high static pressure radiator fans to the front of my case....

now I have to say these fans are awesome .....there really quiet compared to the stock corsair fans and that old rocketfish pc is now at a whisper sound instead of that

airplane jet engine blowing sound...lmao...(wuz not that bad) lol...

but I love these fans id recommend them to everyone who wants decent cooling at a low noise level on your rads! ....I got more coming ..




these lights are not this bright in person....not this bright at all...lmao..



Mounting the control box ..which I love for these fans...... wuz a no brainer to me ...since I had a hole cut in the back of my case from where I ran dual psu's

I will drill a hole in the top and bottom of the control box and with a washer and Fan SCREWS I will screw it in the back so that I can still control my fans with out opening up the case every time I want to change colors or fan speeds.....



thanks for looking ......