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Can't uninstall/install AMD Radeon Crimson Software

Question asked by anunrhama on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2015 by salidin

Hi, so I've got an issue. I think I've messed something up. Anyway, I've been playing Star Wars Battlefront and I had that problem with menus 100% CPU usage. Someone suggested that what you have to do is uninstall previous drivers and only install new ones. This is while I had Catalyst 15.11 Beta Driver. So I've done that, I went to AMD 'How to uninstall' page where they explained how to uninstall Catalyst, and only install new Beta. And it worked to the extent, things were somewhat less laggy. Now, Crimson comes out, and I download my version today, manage to install it, didn't delete any previous drivers. Go to Origin to check Star Wars files, check for updates, everything is fine. I enter the game and it seems fixed, no more 100% CPU usage. But then some things were missing. Like some maps were missing textures, font was missing, what not. So I thought maybe I should uninstall previous drivers like I did with Beta, just in case (cause I've already checked the game files). And then I messed everything up. There was no Catalyst among the programs able to uninstall, only AMD Install Manager. So I've clicked that, everything is selected, click Uninstall. Now the process gets stuck at 2%, program stops responding... I try it again, and the same happens... Then I try again and again, and it always gets stuck at 2%, have to end process. But every time I try to uninstall again I see there are less and less things to select from the Uninstall menu. I go to AutoDetect Utility, and it tells me I've got everything installed.


I download Crimson installer manually and when I try to reinstall it, get's stuck at 2%... I'm like what the... I go to Program Files, try to manually delete AMD files, can't do that cause computer is using the files (some of them). I've restarted computer, try to run Crimson software again, get's stuck at 2% still. I had 15.11 Beta installer downloaded on computer so I've manage to reinstall it, so I have AMD Catalyst again. And now when I go to AutoDetect, click to download Crimson cause it offers it, it says Download complete and opens webpage that says 'You have installed the Software Compatibility Checker' but nothing is realy downloaded, nothing starts. And although now I have AMD Catalyst Control Center (when I right click on Desktop), in Control Panel if I want to uninstall it, there is only AMD Install Manager.


The bottom line is Crimson's setup gets stuck at 2%. Please don't tell me I have to reinstall Windows.



Here is the screenshot when it freezes, these letters at bottom are also messed up... same happens with installation.


My specs:


Windows 10 64-bit


AMD FX-6300