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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Proprietary Linux installation problem

Question asked by andyrublyov on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by yabb85

Hi i have a problem with latest driver install (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Proprietary Linux)

on begin of the installation process installer shows alert message

that this version of driver is not supporting my hardware

but supported hardware list includes my hardware

Знімок з 2015-11-25 10-27-46.png

img.1 - my hardware in support list

Знімок з 2015-11-25 10-17-04.png

img.2 - my hardware Radeon hd 6520G and 6650M (dual graphics)

Знімок з 2015-11-25 10-19-37.pngЗнімок з 2015-11-25 10-19-18.png


Is there any solution of this problem? Thanks for any help.)