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crimson installation

Question asked by on Nov 25, 2015

Installation (package, not beta !) aborted with a cyan screen (of death) when installing driver , telling to gather information for restart. after reaching 100% it didn't do anything anymore. after another 5 Minutes i reset the system.

Reboot: w8.1, some seconds after showing the windows symbol and the rotating point circle goes into a (two monitors) black screen .Harddrive can still be heard some seconds.
no recovery, waited 15 minutes.



measures taken: finally managed to boot in legacy mode (after setting : neither vga nor safe mode boots to the desktop.

no recovery point available.switched to integrated graphics (Hd6550) in help.


configuration:latest (no beta !) catalyst package installed before. configuration: monitor 1 :hd7950

monitor 2: hd6550 (integrated)
So any suggestions (apart from complete reinstall?)