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Is the A10-8700P mobile APU supported by the AMD Crimson Driver?

Question asked by bossbob88 on Nov 25, 2015
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I have an HP Pavilion 15z laptop with A10-8700P APU and R7 M360 Graphics. After installing the Crimson driver, I receive the error message that my graphics unit is not supported by the driver. Does Crimson driver support my APU?


One addition to my question:


If I choose the manual driver download: step 1: APU; step 2: mobile APU; step 3: A-series APUs w/Radeon R6 Graphics; step 4: Win 10 64 bit

It offers me to download the Crimson Driver



But if I click on the Supported products tab on the same page, it says: from the A-Series APUs only those are supported which have R3 Graphics.



Does it mean that the Crimson Driver does not support my A10-8700P with R6 Graphics?

If it doesn't support it, why does offer me the manual driver download process the crimson driver?



Many thanks in advance for the answer!