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After installing Crimson system and graphics drivers. screen flickers, system halts and display reports 'out of range' error

Question asked by lordlordylordy on Nov 25, 2015



I have the following system:


AMD FX-8350 processor on a Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard, 8GB RAM and a Radeon HD7850 display adapter connected to a Cibox LE22A3 monitor, running

Windows 10,


and I was excited to install the new Crimson display and system drivers, with their promise of performance improvements. All went well with the installation and I was pleased when running F.E.A.R 2 that there was a significant boost in graphics performance. However I was perturbed this morning, when reading an article on the Telegraph website, the screen flickered on and off several times and then went blank and the display reported an 'Out of range' error. As I have not had this issue before, I can only attribute it to the installation of the new drivers, and i wondered if anyone else had encountered a similar problem. Luckily, I took the decision to create a Restore Point, before installing Crimson, and was able to get my system back to working properly.


Also has CPU Overdrive overclocking been removed in Crimson? I could find settings to overclock the GPU, but not the CPU, as one could in the old Catalyst software.