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Freesync causes desktop flickering after upgrading to Crimson

Question asked by overd0se on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by tomtalk24

After upgrading my system to Crimson, enabling freesync causes weird flickering/backlight strobing on my desktop if I alt tab out of games. This did not occur in previous version of drivers, and downgrading from Crimson solved the problem.Disabling freesync also fixes this problem when I am using the crimson drivers, so I believe it is related to that. I have experienced this kind of strobing/flickering in Heroes of the Storm prior to Crimson (and it persists in Crimson), but now the same problem occurs on the desktop if I alt tab out of almost any game. Once I quit the game or disable freesync it immediately fixes the problem. The problem does not appear to happen in any game except Heroes of the Storm, but it does happen on the loading screen of a couple other games (bioshock infinite and dishonored).


Hardware-wise I am using a sapphire tri-x 290x and a benq xl2730z.