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    Crimson Driver Doesn't Work With O.C Programs?


      Hello all.


      Looks like the new Crimson driver doesn't works with o.c programs like Sapphire Trixx or MSI Afterburner. This programs with new Crimson Driver, makes a problem like a black screen when you opened a computer. Can't do anything except Safe mode. And uninstalling o.c programs doesn't fix the problem. You have to uninstall AMD driver or you have to create a system restore point before install o.c programs.


      I don't have any problem before Crimson driver. It begins after i installed new driver and turning off my computer.

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          I also use afterburner for O.C. and monitoring purposes along with the new Crimson driver/ software, but without any conflicts.

          Using 2 x HD5970 on windows 10 64bit.

          Beware that using trixx AND afterburner is not recommended, regardless the gpu driver used. I speak from personal experience.


          What is your currentg hardware setup ?

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              Hello and thanks for the asnwer.


              I was using trixx for overclock my gpu. My Graphic Card is r9 290 Trixx and my overclock setting is (+100mV - 1150 (Default 1000) Gpu Clock and 1500 (1300) Memory Clock.) I use this settings like 5-6 months and i didn't get any error. And always i install latest driver when it released.

              After installed latest driver Crimson, i got blackscreen everytime openen pc. (If i active my overclock setting from Trixx) Also testing with Afterburner and it's same.


              Now im using AMD Overdrive. I can make overclock with this menu. But i don't know how to save options. Everytime i restarted my pc, Fan speed setting going on and turns %50. I turned off this setting. And restarted pc. And it's turn on again. This really makes me mad.


              r9 290 Trixx

              FX 8320 4.4 Gz

              16 gb DDr3 Ram

              M5a97 R2.0 Motherboard

              750W 80 Bronz Psu

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                  I'm having the same issue. I'm using an unlocked Sapphire R9 290 ( x ). I was using Sapphire Trixx to overclock as I've been doing for quite some time and has not had any issues with any driver. My overclock settings are not enabled on startup (default clocks on startup). Yesterday I installed Crimson and everything was working splendidly, did some gaming etc. Went to bed woke up this morning and I couldn't get into Windows. It would black screen after the logo pops up and freeze the system/no response.


                  Safe mode is the only in. Uninstalling Trixx did not work. Uninstalled the driver and I am back in Windows.


                  I am going to try reinstalling the driver and making sure that overdrive is turned off. To be honest when I initially installed Trixx (new version), I had some crashes when playing with memory overclocks. This link gives some insight here, and I'm pretty sure I had ovedrive enabled so hopefully that's the problem. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/3u2uqg/artifacting_and_black_screens_with_new_crimson/


                  Still I would imagine that this is going to create some MAJOR headaches for certain users who don't have some basic troubleshooting skills. I will keep you guys posted on my results.


                  FX-8320, 2X4GB DDR3, Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2

                  Reference R9 290 Unlocked, LG 34um67

                  Windows 10 Pro, OCZ Vector 150 SSD

                  Ultra LSX 750


                  PS I LOVE how the new driver shows the minimum and maximum Freesync refresh rate (I have mine underclocked through the monitor driver and it works!)

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                I got the same problem guys! Applying my OC in MSI afterburner will make my PC boot into a black screen after the windows logo. The only way i can fix it is boot into safemode and uninstall the AMD drivers! This is definitely a problem with the crimson drivers interfering with OC programs Overclock. And i dont even have my OC on startup but i will still get the black screen.

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                  Hello guys I have fixed this issue I'm currently running the r9 290x matrix edition water-cooled, I was struggling to overclock this card, I couldn't figure out why i could overclock it to 1300 gpu clock and 7500 memory clock pass all the tests and upon restart of the computer I'd get black screen and I'd have to for e restart safe mode delete driver etc.


                  Well I have got a fast fix for Windows 8.1 users, I noticed crimson applies all the clock speeds before applying voltage I'm sure for safety reasons?


                  Well the voltage is applied from gpu tweak gradually I noticed as my watt usage plug was gradually going up on the login to Windows screen which I reapplied, basically all I'm saying is put ur password login screen back on so you have to login with password, but don't login straight away wait 15-20 seconds for voltage to get to were it needs to be then put your password in and press enter to enter desktop screen your gpu tweak should be up on restart and all OC should be applied. Works for me on the top 290x card.

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                    This happens to me frequently after applying a memory overclock. Crimson saves overclocked frequencies made with trixx, afterburner, ect.. and reapplies it after a restart. That would be cool except Crimson doesn't save voltage adjustments. Crimson will apply memory overclocks as soon as window's starts without any added voltage, causing the black screen and instability. The problem becomes even worse once you've realized that the driver doesn't recognize this failure, and doesn't restart itself in default settings. I've given up on overclocking my 390's memory because of this nuisance. Whats the point if you get one instability, the system crashes, it restarts, and saves unstable clocks so you're forced into safe mode to ddu, reinstall, restart, add all of your games and specific overclocks again in the gaming overdrive tab. Hours of time wasted for me..

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                      By the way, this problem still exists in 16.2 Crimson drivers. It is not a difficult problem to fix; I can't believe that AMD didn't fix it yet.


                      I also couldn't find any solution for now. You should remember to reset your video card's overclock each time you shut down your computer, otherwise black screen will be there at next startup.

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                        If Overdrive is active in Crimson uninstall Afterburner/Trixx and uninstall the driver. Clean the reg entries with Ccleaner and Autoruns, proceed to install again but don't activate the AMD Overdrive leave it disabled. Then install either Afterburner 4.2.0 or Trixx 5.2.


                        That method worked for me but haven't tried out 16.2 I'm using 15.7.


                        Never use AMD Overdrive.

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                          Do you guys know if problem is fixed in 16.3?


                          I'm still on 15.11 catalyst which hasn't got this problem - cant really use Crimson cause of this problem.

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                            You know? I've just RMA 2 R9-290s because of this.

                            Thankfully, the last time, my dealer gave me a brand new r9-290 OC version.

                            My current method to prevent AMD Crimson to apply the overclock settings (with MSI AB 4.2.0) is that I have to reset those settings to DF every times I restart or shutdown my PC. And I mean every times. If I forgot, the next time my PC start, I have to wait for 2 black screens, then wait for Windows 10 takes me to Advanced Startup mode, then start Safe mode and delete VGA drivers, then reinstall it again.

                            This is not about the AMD Overdrive, I think it didn't have anything to do with this, but the AMD Crimson itself does.

                            Until we could find a way to prevent AMD Crimson messing with our overclock settings, we have to live with it.


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                                There are many reported issues with Crimson when using third party controller. Afterburner is one of the most mentioned. 

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                                  I've been suffering from the same issues. I cannot use overclocking software under Crimson drivers otherwise I also get the same black screen at the Windows login screen. I've tried Asus GPU Tweak, Sapphire Trixx, MSI Afterburner, they all result in the same issue.


                                  I'm running 2 x R9 290X with custom loop watercooling on Windows 10. The same overclock worked perfectly fine before I upgraded to Crimson, but now I can't even run a lesser overclock without that black screen happening. Originally I thought my cards were just wearing out but it's not that at all, it's the drivers. Crimson are a complete joke. The new interface is awful, more than half the options you used to have in Catalyst are gone, and now there's this on top preventing any form of overclocking. Terrible drivers. I am absolutely 100% not buying AMD cards on my next upgrade cycle, which is sad because I've used AMD for years.

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                                  Same problem as everyone else. Using Windows 10 64 bit, 290x. I know my overclock is rock solid stable, at 1100/1500 but only with +44mv on the core. For my card, its the vram that needs the extra voltage to hit 1500 (which is still perfectly in spec for the sk hynix chips installed on the msi gaming 290x 4g oc). But if for any reason I experience a random system crash (unrelated to gpu OC) or I reset my PC without manually removing the OC then I get the black screen instead of the windows login. System only recoverable via a complete system restore or switching to onboard igpu and manually removing all traces of amd software from the machine using amd's removal tool and deleting the c:\AMD dir etc. Its really annoying and happened since crimson drivers. I'm sure as someone said earlier, its got something to do with the underlying AMD driver that controls the GPU n memory frequency (overdrive?) applying the over clock last synced in Trixx or MSIAB on startup (even though it shouldn't) before the voltage offset is applied, hence black screen. Please fix AMD. The only fix I can think of would be to bake the voltage offset and OC into the vBIOS using BIOS modding tools, but reluctant to mess with that stuff. Happy to help replicate the issue or send logs etc if it helps driver team find a fix.


                                  Edit: I found the quickest way to recover from the issue in Windows 10 without having to revert to safe mode and clear out all drivers is to create a system restore point. If the fault occurs, just reset machine 3 times when it black screens on boot and windows troubleshooting menu comes up. Select the restore point and it undoes the overclock. Note Sapphire Trixx also now causes this problem when clicking reset to restore normal clocks. Hence, it seems like something has changed in the drivers that makes overclocking software drop the voltage offset before adjusting the memory clocks. Just surprised something in the driver still tries to apply the memory overclock last configured in Trixx / MSAB on reboot prior to voltage offset being applied even though it shouldn't be applying any overclock on startup because I've deliberately left the option to do this unchecked in the OC software.

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                                    Ditto folks, I just liquid cooled my Sapphire R9 290, god knows it was blazing like the Kryptonoian sun, over clocked to a respectable 1125 and 1400 on memory. Was firing on all cylinders, only problem was every cold restart (cold like it was off all night) I would get the black screen, I would have to uninstall the card in safe mode and reboot and everything would be fine. Got tired of this so used Driver Display Uninstaller, got the latest drivers,17.xx.x  now every time I even apply the Trixx program, even at factory base settings, I get screen tearing and memory says its 150 mhz according to GPU-Z. I found this discussion, so I figured I would throw in my 2 cents, I'm not a tech guy, know just enough t be dangerous. I restored my PC to the old drivers 16.11.3. and everything is back to the way it was, now Sapphire Trixx is operable again, so I guess we just have to do 2 boots a day until this gets fixed.

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                                      I have quickly glanced around the replies but didn't see anything saying such so, when installing drivers make sure that "NO" GPU related softwares are running period, even after first restart do "NOT" let any software's kick in on the first fresh start.


                                      Afterward there is a lot of things like letting AB properly detect, make sure you do that as well of using proper settings, do not skip on anything since they are likely to be your issues! Besides that OC profiles in third party if not deleted can introduce a lot of problems by auto applying again once you re-install it.


                                      Speaking from a MSI 290X Crossfire and never encounter overclocking software conflicts so far.

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                                        Delay the process with Task Scheduler with a delay of 10 seconds.


                                        This lets the driver load first and then proceeds to start the OC program after the set time.