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Particular style of recording causing GPU to overheat

Question asked by setari on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by setari

So I'm currently playing FO4 and I don't want to record every session I play, so I was looking for recording software with "Shadowing" features like nvidia's shadowplay. However, I've worked with the:


AMD Gaming Evolved software that gets installed with the drivers, and tried their "shadowing recording" application within it (10 seconds to overheat card and shut down monitors)

Mirillis Action! "Shadow Recording (Time-shift in the software)" (Variability in overheating/shutting down monitors depending on the settings I set in the software, eventually reaches throttle point (97C))

Xbox Windows 10 Application (10-12 seconds to monitor shutdown/GPU overheat)


I'm literally at a loss and for lack of a better word, disappointed that AMD doesn't have a functionality like this. But that's not what this thread is for.


I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly how I can make this work without having to alt+tab out of a game every 30 seconds to a minute to let the card cool off for like 2 minutes. The idle temps range from 67-70C and while playing a game without shadowing, roughly 73C. I can record just fine, it's just the shadowing feature that wrecks my card's temperatures.


I've also tried messing with the fan speed on the card, but I only achieve moderate success (about 5 minutes playtime in FO4) by putting the fan speed on the card at 100%, as well as all the other OC settings in the Radeon Settings (GPU Clock, Memory Clock, Power Control).