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    Firepro v4900




      I am trying to setup my amd firepro v4900 in a new dell.

      The dell is an optiplex 790 running windows 7 enterprise, with an intel core i5-2400, 8 G's of RAM and a 64-bit OS.


      My questions would be, is it even possible to utilize this hardware with this PC?

      And if so, what steps can i go about in order to do that?

      The graphics card is currently inside the PC and seems to be functioning fine with a standard vga graphics adapter

      Do i need a driver to kick it into overdrive?

      In the past i remember having amd catalyst for idk what reason exactly?


      I also have two monitors connected to the GC but they are projecting as the same monitor and display settings will not allow me to recognize them as separate monitors


      Idk, I amd very lost and confused.


      thanks in advance to anyone who may help me.


      -Jasper Means