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Battlefront directx error after crimson installation

Question asked by svarg on Nov 24, 2015


Before I installed the new crimson driver for my r9 290x, the game run well.

After I´ve heard of the new crimson driver, I used Display Driver Uninstaller, to uninstall my actual CCC and after my computer restarted, I installed the new crimson. Everything Ok. Now I started Battlefront and after the intro there are some display errors - sometimes "cut" textures, sometimes in black areas pink crisp dots and everytime after a few seconds, I can´t navigate through game menue, because I hear when the mouse target a menue point but the graphics are "frozen". So strg+alt+del to get to task manager and windows shows me an dirctx-error message box. Restarting doesn´t help.

Any ideas?