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DL'ed the new drivers and software, AMD Settings won't open. It just crashes immediately.

Question asked by romesc on Nov 24, 2015

Just downloaded the new crimson drivers and software directly from AMD website for my Win 7-64 system with an R9 390.


After the install and reboot, the app will not open, it just immediately crashes and says "cnext.exe" had an APPCRASH in the error box.


I uninstalled everything with AMD's clean uninstall utility, then reinstalled the software and had the same problem.


Then I used DDU from guru3d to clean the drivers and such in sfae mode. Rebooted. Reinstalled the new drivers and software from AMD and still having the same problem. What is the solution to this problem? I just bought the R9 390 and a freesync monitor, and your software has prevented me from even opening the control utility.