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Question asked by theriaya on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by theriaya

Alright, first off I will state overall in certain things I have already noticed an improvement overall on games I play cept for a couple problems running around. The primary question I have is for Unigine Heaven Benchmark. I have set up what was my general overclock profile I used on MSI Afterburner pre Crimson, but with the Crimson software. Does it not show the overclock numbers in the program? I see it stuck at 1100mhz on my 2 R9 280x cards in crossfire.


Also things I have noticed. Heroes of the Storm will NOT load with Crossfire being enabled or disabled in the set profile. It appears it has to be completely disabled under display, Additional settings, and then on the left side under AMD Crossfire it must be disabled from there.


MSI Kombustor 3 will not appear to load at all with Crossfire fully on or disabled.


One other note. When I first boot my computer I need to disable Crossfire then re-enable to get the proper 1100mhz clock on my R9 280x cards.


Are there some work arounds that I am missing with these programs? Is it just my cards? Or a seemingly universal thing right now?